Monday, July 29, 2013

Life, Lately

I had an unexpectedly fantastic weekend this week, and it was the perfect end to yet another exhausting week at camp. Unfortunately, a lot of the photos taken at camp haven't been posted online yet, so I can't put them here. Along with it being CIT Appreciation day this week, the CIT show also happened. I made a guest appearance (surprising the campers, who thought I wasn't in the show) and was the host of Thursday Night Live. Although it meant pulling a couple 13 and 14 hour days at camp, it was definitely worth it to see the kids faces. I finished off the week with a cast party, and then a trip up to Westchester to see friends from school. I didn't realize just how much I missed everyone until I saw them, and it was amazing being able to catch up with everyone. It makes me really want to go back to school. Anyway, here are some photos from the week.

An adorable card one of my campers made me :)

I decided to share the love, and wrote letters to my campers!

Something I never expected to happen: Matt and Kim showed up at camp! It was amazing meeting them, as I saw them a couple months ago at Bonnaroo and performed with them years ago at the Bell House. Never thought this would happen!

Delicious meringue mushrooms from one of my campers!

An early birthday gift from Sephora :)

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