Saturday, July 20, 2013

FACE Stockholm for J. Crew

Before about a month ago, I never wore lipstick. A self-proclaimed chapstick addict, I felt that that was enough. I was always nervous about smudging my lipstick, having it on my teeth, having it bleed, etc. However, this all changed when I decided to randomly pick up a lipstick while standing in line at J. Crew. It was on sale, and I thought why not? The color looked pretty, and I did need to start stepping out of my comfort zone. As soon as I put it on, I was so happy I had decided to buy it. The color was "French Martini" and it's sheer, semi-shiny pink color perfectly complimented my skin tone. Of course, I was so excited by this that I immediately had to go back and pick up several more- at $4.49, they were a steal (and I was paranoid that since they were limited edition, I'd never be able to find a color like this again). I also decided to pick up the other two colors in the line, "Peony Pink" and "Chili Flake", to see how they compared to "French Martini". I am so glad I did, because these three lipsticks have definitely made me into a lipstick person.
left to right - Peony Pink, Chili Flake, French Martini
Close-up of Chili Flake
Peony Pink is a matte purplish-pink. Definitely not for the faint at heart, this is the only "outrageously colored" lipstick that I, as of now, feel comfortable wearing. Even though the color is kind of crazy, I don't feel self-conscious wearing it. It's also very long-wearing (I reapply a touch-up maybe once every four hours), and incredibly moisturizing. As someone who regularly applies chapstick at least once every half an hour, I don't apply it at all when wearing these lipsticks, which is incredible! Chili Flake is by far the best red lipstick I have ever tried. A matte red with a hint of orange undertones, it easily compliments almost any skin tone. I feel so comfortable wearing it, and like Peony Pink, it is extremely moisturizing and long-wearing. French Martini is a light, glossy semi-sheer pink, and perfect for daily basis. Although it's incredibly moisturizing like it's sisters, I find that I have to apply it more often due to it's sheer consistency. Overall, I can't get enough of these lipsticks, and make a point to pick up a couple whenever I'm near a J. Crew to assuage my fear of running out of them! When not on sale, they retail for $20, which is a steal compared to many other high end lipsticks. I would recommend purchasing either one or all of them before J. Crew stops carrying them, because you definitely won't be disappointed!

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