Saturday, July 20, 2013

Life, Lately

It seems as though lately the New York weather has only had two settings: either miserably hot, or humid thunderstorms. The latter being very unkind to my hair! After spending the week working in, according to the news, what felt like 110˚ weather, it felt like such a luxury to spend my Saturday curled up in bed with a couple good books, my cat, and an air conditioner. Here are a few photos of this past week.

The nicest part about air conditioning: being able to enjoy a hot cup of tea!

A red lipstick that I finally feel comfortable wearing - FACE Stockholm for J. Crew's Chili Flake

Waiting outside for Alexander Wang's Secret Event last saturday with my best friend, Ava!

I snatched up this American Apparel dress for 5 dollars during their sale

Nothing beats snuggling with my girl :)

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  1. This is cute! Put that pic of us on facebook :)