Thursday, July 18, 2013

Imagining Ariel


So I've now realized starting a blog in the middle of Wacky Week at Camp was an awful idea. I swear I do have a (halfway) decent fashion sense, it's just that I've had to put on costumes this entire week ;) However, I digress! Wednesday was "Halloween" day at camp (I spared you the photos of me dressed as a giraffe on Tuesday), and although I had several costumes I thought about wearing, I got pulled into being a Disney Princess at the last minute. Fun fact: if you ever have something that has multiple Disney Princesses on it, they will never be making eye contact with each other. But, again, I digress! This being my fifth year working, any enthusiasm I had either as a camper or a new CIT for making elaborate costumes has completely diminished. So instead, I tried to imagine Ariel as almost a real person - where would she shop? What would she wear? This was the final result. I thought it turned out well (I got a fair amount of compliments, surprisingly), but I apologize profusely for the terrible quality of this photo - it's what happens when you only have 30 seconds until you have to teach! And the outfit wasn't that unflattering in person, either ;)
(Shirt: Wildfox Couture; Skirt: American Apparel; Flower: Kate Spade; Lipstick: FACE Stockholm for J. Crew in Peony Pink)

I have to say, being able to carry around Flounder and a Dinglehopper were the highlights of the day, even if the kids kept asking me why I was brushing my hair with a fork :)

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