Monday, July 29, 2013

Lazy Curls

In general, I am a very lazy person. Unfortunately, this means that more often than not, my hair gets pulled up into a pony tail, because I'll fall asleep with it wet and it'll be a frizzy mess when I wake up. There's nothing I love more than having my hair in beautiful braids, but I don't have the talent or time to do that on a regular basis. However, I may have finally found a way to make my hair look good with minimal effort on my part. A while back, I received a sample of Living Proof's anti-frizz styling cream, and I used it religiously. The only problem was that after I used up my sample, I threw away the container without looking at the name. Needless to say, I've spent the last year trying to remember the name of this product, and trying various other brands to no avail. Luckily, I got an email last week from Sephora, advertising Living Proof. As soon as I looked at the email, I knew this was it, and immediately ordered a full size bottle of the anti-frizz styling cream, along with one of Sephora's Beauty Insider Perks, which included several other products from the line. I received the products at the end of last week, and have fallen in love all over again.
 Usually, when I put product into my hair, it's easy to tell. My hair will become weighed down, or will appear greasy. This means that for the most part, I've given up on trying products, especially ones that boast the ability to make your hair shiny and sleek. Living Proof's products are pretty much the only ones that I can put in my hair. The products feel completely weightless, but manage to keep my hair in natural waves and feeling silky smooth. I've now found my favorite way to do my hair, and it allows me to compromise between having my hair up, and then having it fall down in beautiful, natural looking waves.

To start, I towel dry my hair and then add a little bit of prime: style extender and anti-frizz nourishing styling cream to my hair, coating it from the roots to the tips. I then blow dry my hair until it is about 50% dry, and put it up into a top knot, making sure to twist the ponytail so that I can get more pronounced waves. I secure it with a couple bobby pins and then leave it be!

Once my hair is completely dry, I take it out of the top not and gently loosen the waves. I apply a tiny bit of amp^2 starting midway down my hair, which helps hold the waves in place. And that's it! It's quick and easy, and I know my hair will look good!

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