Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Currently Listening...


In an effort to make sure that I do continue to update this blog on a regular basis, I want to instill some weekly posts. Because I'm a huge fan of taking baby steps, I figured the first one I would start with would be a weekly music post. I love music, and I'm always finding new bands and listening to more and more music. The band I chose to highlight this week is the Shins, who are an indie rock band. The Shins are one of my all time favorite bands, and it's rare for me to not be in the mood to listen to them :) Besides them having gorgeous harmonies and a beautiful sound, my favorite thing about the Shins are the lyrics. Although they might not always make sense, some of the lyrics are like poetry. It's rare for me to not get shivers when I listen to such lines as, "and love is the ink in the well when her body writes". Instead of me going on and on, I think I'll let the music speak for itself. I hope you enjoy the Shins as much as I do!

✌ New Slang Australia Simple Song ✌ 

(My [not so] lovely iphone photography from when I saw them live at Williamsburg Park!)


  1. Never heard of them must check them out great blog :) Good luck with it :) xx

    1. You definitely should! They're fantastic!! Thank you so much :) I followed your blog and it's fantastic! Would you mind following me?