Sunday, July 28, 2013

Flowers & Cutouts

I'm sorry for the lack of regular posting lately, it seems that even though it's summer, time has a habit of getting away from me. I spent this weekend seeing tons of friends (more on that later), but I did want to get in a photo of one of my planned outfits :) I bought this shirt a couple years ago, but I haven't worn it nearly as much as I should have. It's one of those shirts that seems to taunt me while sitting in my closet. I decided to finally wear it, and I'm pretty pleased with the result. I love the cut out trend, and this shirt is the only one whose cut outs actually seem to be semi flattering on my figure. 

I apologize for this photo, it was the only semi decent one I could get - still working on the lighting situation in my room. I keep meaning to take photos when I'm out, too, but I tend to be a little forgetful...

(shirt: Mink Pink; belt: thrifted; shorts: joes jeans thrifted at Wasteland)

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