Monday, August 5, 2013


When it comes to nail polish, I'm usually a creature of habit. I frequently fall back on my trusty bottle of Essie's Tart Deco, and if I'm not sporting that, it's usually a similar pastel shade. However, FACE Stockholm recently sent me one of their newest Holographic Nail Polishes to check out. I chose the shade Athena, which is a silvery shade reminiscent of holographic sticker sheets. At first I was a little nervous about trying such an eye-catching shade, but after trying it out, I am head over heels in love. 
(Nail Polish: FACE Stocholm's Holographic Nail Polish in Athena [c/o])
Apologies for the messy manicure - I was in a hurry!

My nails legitimately look like they are from the future. I like this polish so much because even though my nails are a little out there, the color is so well done that they don't end up looking tacky or childish. The best part, though, is that I only have one coat of the nail polish on. One. Coat. When someone is as lazy as me, being able to get an opaque finish in one coat is a godsend. I am so glad I tried this product, and can't wait to try other nail polishes by FACE Stockholm. If they are anything like this one, Essie has a run for it's money as my favorite brand! I would highly recommend purchasing this polish, because it is well worth it. It only takes a one coat, dries quickly, and lasts for days without chipping. :)
When my nails catch the light, they become a rainbow of colors :)

The photos really don't do this color justice! 


  1. great color! now i want to try that!

    1. next time I see you you're more than welcome to :) miss you girl!