Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Product of the Week

When it comes to doing my nails, I can be quite lazy. I regularly make vows to myself to either stop biting my nails, get them done every week, or take off the polish once it starts to chip, but I never follow through with them. That's why when I do actually paint my nails, I have one product that I absolutely adore. Besides waiting for the polish to dry, my least favorite part of doing my nails would be attempting to remove all the polish with nail polish remover. I have an affliction to cotton balls, so I would try to use paper towel, and it would end up shedding everywhere. Enter e.l.f. nail polish remover pads. I randomly picked them up one day at Target, since they were only two dollars. When I used them, I was amazed by the product. They come in a set of 12, and I can use one pad to clean off all ten nails. Although they have a little bit of a weird smell, it's nothing compared to acetone. They also don't sting, which is a problem that I would run into a lot (I may or may not bite my cuticles...). I would highly recommend these, because there's really no better way to remove nail polish. The pads are mess free, and way more inexpensive than other nail polish removers. 

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