Monday, November 18, 2013

Never Going Back

Hi there! 
As much as I hate to admit it, I'm the queen of impulse purchases. Specifically, those purchases you make when you're waiting in line and are surrounded by bins of pretty things. A few months ago, I was at Urban Outfitters, and sure enough, as I was waiting in line, I started browsing through their various knick-knacks. Although I managed to put most of the things I had picked up down, I couldn't resist picking up this brush:
It was blue, and pink, and I had vaguely recalled hearing that the brand was cool. When I opened it up at home and used it, it was love at first site. Normally, I'm not able to brush my hair when it's dry, because it ends up being a completely frizzy mess. However, one swipe of my Tangle Teezer and my hair still retained its wave. Needless to say, I was very impressed. I don't think I've picked up another type of brush since!
Lately, school has been very difficult. Having been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, I've spent the semester dealing with various side effects and never-ending exhaustion. Plus, way too many bio tests. Therefore, nothing made my week more than receiving a surprise package from the lovely folks at Tangle Teezer. To my delight, I opened the box to find two other brushes from their line: the compact styler and the aqua splash. To say that they lived up to my expectations is an understatement. 
The compact styler has to be one of the most ingenious inventions ever. Seriously. It comes in two pieces, one of which serves to protect the bristles when you're not using it. Having tried way too many awful travel brushes; I was ecstatic to receive this one. I love to travel, and brushes always seem to take up half of my toiletry bag. And when you're backpacking through India, you want to maximize as much space as possible. I love that I can just throw this brush in my bag and not have to worry about the bristles. Plus, it's really shiny. Which is definitely a bonus.
 The second brush that they sent me is the aqua splash, which is a completely waterproof brush that you can leave (and not have to worry about) in your shower. 

Because it's completely hollow, you don't have to worry about gross mildew build up, which is fantastic. As someone who has taken to only washing her hair once or twice a week, I like to make sure that when I do, my hair gets a thorough treatment. Although I would comb my conditioner through my hair, I was always skeptical as to whether I was actually able to coat all of my hair. Plus, I seemed to always end up with conditioner residue. After using this brush, however, I am over the moon. I don't think my hair has ever been this soft, and it also felt like getting a mini scalp massage in the shower :) 
Anyway, I'm so glad that I was able to add these brushes to my arsenal, and I highly recommend them. Seriously, you'll never go back to normal brushes! I'm sure several of my friends will be getting these as stocking stuffers, and I can't wait to get my hands on some of their "magic flowerpots" for the girls I babysit!

Lots of love,

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